Canada Operator Card

Agent Proctor Requirements
Agent Proctor Requirements

  • Must be present at all times.
  • Is not related to the person taking the test.
  • Is of the age of majority in the province or the territory.
  • Ensures that if more than one person is taking the test, that the persons do not share information.
  • Ensures that the person taking the test is identified correctly.
  • Ensures that the person taking the test does not attempt to reproduce, print, save or copy the test or its components.


    The agent proctor confirms agreement of the following declarations when they submit the Proctor Form by email.


    The agent proctor:
  • Is a registered agent proctor of ISPA Inc.
  • Understands the responsibilities of a proctor.
  • Will proctor the person taking a test as per instructions.
  • Will keep the proctor password confidential.
  • Will provide accurate self-identification including name and address.
  • Is active in one of the following professional positions: Peace Officer, Justice of the Peace, Court Official, Lawyer, Religious official, Elected Representative, Doctor, Engineer, holder of a teaching license, a member of a professional organization recognized by statute, .