ISPA Online Exams

To achieve the shore based portion of International Certificate of Competency (ICC).


Completion of either:

  • ISPA home study correspondence,
  • Classroom or
  • On the water course.


For more details on home study ashore based courses please go to your choice of;
Sailing Power Boating Navigation

The "Ashore Based Certificate" exams for either Sail, or Power may only be taken in the following sequence:

  • Competent Crew (Basic).
  • Day Skipper (Intermediate).
  • Coastal Navigation.
  • Coastal Skipper (Advanced).
  • Yachtmaster Offshore.

Prior to taking the exam:


  • You will be in possession of your own individual course book for the exam being taken e.g. Competent Crew Sail for the Competent Crew Sail exam.
  • You have completed the book and answered all of the module questions.
  • Please print and read Procedure for taking ISPA online exams
  • When you are ready to take the exam please go to the Online Store and purchase the appropriate exam.
  • Once you have paid for the exam, you will receive your ORDER NUMBER,
  • Return to this page and using this link, and your order number, register for the exam.
  • On successful completion of your exam, you can register your ashore based certification.

All exams require a proctor

Responsibilities of a Proctor


  • Must be present at all times during the exam.
  • Cannot be related to the person taking the exam.
  • Must be of the age of majority in the province or territory or state.
  • Must ensure that the person taking the exam has no access to any material.
  • Must ensure that the person taking the exam is identified correctly.
  • Ensures that if more than one person is taking the exam, they do not share information.
  • Ensures that the person taking the exam does not attempt to use the back button reproduce, print, save or copy the exam or its components.
  • Understands that the exam will automatically provide a ZERO score if any condition in item 7 is attempted.